Erica Cuni

Erica Cuni LMFT, CIMHP

Erica Cuni, LMFT, CIMPH, also known as “The Burnout Professor”, is a Leading Integrative Mental Health & Trauma Specialist, Keynote Speaker, and Fellow Trauma Survivor. She is on a mission to empower people worldwide with the skills to take control of their nervous system and thrive consciously.

Most recently, she was named one of “The 22 Leaders to Learn From in 2022” and a featured expert in Refinery29’s article about burnout, reaching 20+ million subscribers globally. In addition, Erica inspired the most-listened-to Mental Health tip on the Bunch Leadership Coaching App and has spoken to 100+ diverse audiences.

With 15+ years of professional experience in the mental health field, including being a Professor, Director, and Psychotherapist, plus training from the holistic side of wellness: Reiki Master, Essential Oils Advocate, Meditation Facilitator, and Gut Health Educator, her cutting-edge perspective is trauma-informed, nervous-system based, holistic-minded, and spiritually rooted.

As the Owner of CUNI, LLC, Erica’s vision is to make the mental health field more effective, accessible, non-pathological, and non-stigmatizing. Erica found her purpose after being hit by a Mack Dump Truck (literally) in 2014 and having her life fall apart. When Erica is not working, she can be found outside with her dog Bear, spending time with family, or visiting another farmer’s market. Join her community at ericacuni.com.

Erica's Presentations


Mental Health and Spirituality

The importance of a having more than a clinical mindset in a Post-Pandemic World

Be more than just a provider, be the healer you’ve always wanted to be. With the increasing amount of research about the success of mind-body therapies for trauma, increased research on the effects of spirituality in the therapy room, the lack of evidence supporting the “chemical imbalance” rhetoric, and the diminishing effects of long-term medication treatments, it’s more important than ever to bring the idea of spirituality into the clinical therapy field. In this enlightening workshop, Erica Cuni will show you how to implement the art of connection into your practice when working with trauma. Erica’s cutting-edge approach is trauma-informed, holistically-minded, nervous system-based, and spiritually rooted. Move over, Freud. It’s a new Era.

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