A Journey to Healing

Providing a Holistic Approach with Psychopharmacology

Dr. Jessica Pogran
Dr. Jessica Pogran
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
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This is a time where many patients are turning to the use of medications to seek relief from mental health disorders and psychological stress. With the growing use of polypharmacy to treat the varied symptoms, the healing of the mind and maintenance of the self is often lost to drug interactions and overuse of medications.

In this session, Dr. Pogran will share an introduction to the practice of psychiatric integrative medicine with a focus on healing and health promotion. She will enhance the role of evidence-based therapeutic approaches using both conventional and complementary medicines.

Learning Objectives:
  • List key elements in a successful approach to integrative psychiatry
  • Explain considerations when recommending conventional and complementary medicines
  • Describe dosing, side effects, and contraindications of complementary medications
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