Embracing the Paradox of Grief

Art Therapy Approaches for Healing and Growth

Simone Borger
Simone Borger

Discover the intricate layers of grief and the transformative potential of art therapy in this insightful workshop. Participants will delve into the paradoxical nature of grief, unraveling its complex emotional landscape. Through a blend of theory and practical exercises, attendees will explore how art therapy provides a powerful avenue for expression and resilience-building in the face of loss. Join us as we explore practical strategies for integrating art therapy interventions into counseling practices, empowering individuals to navigate their grief journey with greater understanding and healing.

Learning Objectives:
  • Analyze the paradoxical nature of grief and its implications for individuals navigating the mourning process.
  • Investigate the therapeutic benefits of art therapy in facilitating emotional expression and coping mechanisms for individuals experiencing grief.
  • Apply evidence-based art therapy techniques to support clients in processing grief, fostering resilience, and facilitating meaning-making in their grief journey.
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