Operation HOPE: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

The Holistic Healing Power of Horses

Brooke Lichter
Sara Velez

Participants will explore equine assisted psychotherapy fundamentals, benefits, and the impact of this unique intervention. Discover how rescue horses are partners in holistic interventions, employing a strengths-based approach. Uncover barriers to accessing this therapy and strategies to eliminate them.

Sara and Brooke are EAGALA certified.

The workshop is at the rescue farm in Freehold working with the horses.

Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will explore the benefits of equine assisted psychotherapy and examine this modality of healing with clinical research which substantiates the positive impact of this integrative and holistic approach.
  • Participants will explore ways to utilize a trauma informed approach to discuss the rescue animal’s stories and how they relate to the client's personal trauma. Participants will review client stories that highlight the impact of partnering with rescue horses.
  • Participants will learn about barriers to accessing this type of therapy modality and ways we can partner together to create more access to equine assisted psychotherapy.

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