Kristen Huber

Kristen Huber LPC

Kristen Huber is a New Jersey native born and raised in Ocean County. After spending a decade living in the Pacific Northwest Kristen followed her heart home and completed her graduate work in Professional Counseling at Monmouth University. She has been working with youth and their families in Ocean County for 15 years. Her private practice, Jersey Shore Ecotherapy, now seven years in, is the first practice of its kind on the eastern seaboard. Kristen translated outdoor adventure-based therapy to an outpatient setting. She offers her clients walk and talk, stand up paddle boarding and wind therapy options and access to the local parks, creeks and beaches. Kristen masterfully uses Nature as her co-facilitator to help restore mental health and wellbeing to her clients.

Kristen's Presentations



Nurture for the Heart of Our Connection

In a world where a global pandemic violently swept our lives empty of its social experiences, and threw our clients and a whole generation of kids into disconnect, where and how can we plug back into each other? Our clinical work was overwhelmed by the intensity of fear, agitation and an unsettling divide that set in. Therapeutic relationships and our ability to co-regulate with clients was forced onto a tiny screen, while we sat alone in separate rooms. Many of us are still working this way, but is it working? How are we actually?

Nature is the nurture for the heart of our connection. It is the way back for all of us. Nature is the gentle and subtle medicine that our nervous systems need. We can use eco-regulation, the calming regulating effect of being in nature, as the starting place for turning off the screens and back on to each other. For our clients, nature can open the path to safety and reconnection, the state and conditions where healing becomes possible. You are invited to come explore the wild communion that is Ecotherapy.

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